Bar Food Menu


Chicken Karaage  $15   wasabi mayonnaise, wakame, shallots

Texas Pulled Pork Sliders (3) $15    apple coleslaw

Citrus Cured Ocean Trout (4) $16    crescenza cheese, gravlax dressing, melba toast

Orange & Thyme Scented Chicken Liver Paté  $16    cornichon, onion marmalade, petit baguette

Duck Pastilla  $15    Berber spiced duck, filo, currants, pinenuts, haloumi, minted yoghurt, pomegranate

Tomato & Smoked Mozzarella Arancini (6)  $13    salsa verde

The VELLUTO Cheese Plate  $24    quince paste, walnut, Iranian fig, breads (scroll down to see this month’s cheese selection)

Bowl of Sicilian Olives  $6


 Le Bois Blond – Cow’s Milk– Franch Comte, France

A soft washed rind cheese that is made in the style of the highly prized and only rarely available Mont D’Or. Le Bois Blond has a white, slightly fluffy exterior, with ridges of very pale orange coloured rind peeking through the edges of the cheese. The aroma from this cheese is unique and inviting; a combination of notes of raw cauliflower and a pleasant mustiness that one often associates with soft ripened rinds.

Wine Pairing: Riesling

Pecorino Moliterno al Tartufo – Sheep’s Milk – Sardinia, Italy

Produced on the island of Sardinia off the coast of Italy, this raw sheeps milk cheese is shot through with thick veins of black truffle.

During the five month maturation period the wheels are rubbed with vinegar and local olive oil. These flavours combined with the truffle, spread through the cheese, balancing the rich earthy notes of the sheeps milk. In addition to the obvious flavour of the truffle there are also underlying notes of hazlenut and earthy spice.

Wine Pairing: Big Reds

Verde Capra – Goat’s Milk – Lombardy, Italy

A blue cheese (Verde Capra translates as Blue Goat) made with goat’s milk by Arnoldi Val Taleggio. Arnoldi is an Italian cheesemaker from the Taleggio Valley in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy. A dense moist cheese with a bright white paste that contrasts the vertical lines of blue green mould. The flavour is creamy, mild and well balanced with a slight tang, a touch of salt, and a hint of sweetness.

Wine Pairing: Champagne